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The Links Below Are Links I Find Helpful And Interesting.

  • Muvizu - Free animation software. So good, I can't believe it's free.
  • Blackboard - Our virtual classroom site, all lessons and information are found here.
  • Edmodo - Another virtual classroom site, great for getting started with virtual classrooms.
  • Glogster - Dynamic interactive posters.
  • Xtranormal - Make your own animations. Perfect creative way to show what you know. (Discontinued!! - but I'm leaving them up as tribute because they were the best.)
  • GoAnimate - Another animation tool.
  • Wikispaces - Make your own free wikis.
  • Prezi - Make incredible presentations online.
  • Tiki-Toki - Make timelines online.
  • PacDv - Free music and sound effects.
  • Wikimedia Commons - I love using this site to find free pictures since it lists the copyright owners and those in public domain.
  • Freeplay Music - Just what it says - free background music.
  • GR Sites - Free sound effects for videos.
  • Toon Doo - "Fastest way to create cartoons!"
  • NVu - Free web authoring software. Easy to use and make your own website.
  • Evernote - Store and access your digital work from anywhere.
  • Voice Thread - Podcasting online.
  • Penzu - Free online journal
  • Voxopop - Free online audio discussions
  • Dvolver Moviemaker - Cartoon animator
  • National Archives - Digital vault of pictures, etc.
  • Historical Photos - Free historical photos
  • QR Stuff - Generate your own QR codes
  • Project Guttenburg - Free ebooks
  • Quizlet - Make online quizzes and flashcards to study
  • Slide Rocket - New presentation tool (costs, but there is a free trial)
  • Groupboard - Free online interactive whiteboard
  • Web Poster Wizard - Web poster maker
  • Issuu - Make your own free online magazine or convert PowerPoints into a magazine
  • How to make a hologram


More links to come!



Tech Tips:

  • Save often!
  • Save with easy to remember names. My suggestion: lastname_assignmentname as in: brazile_civilwar
  • Use a removable drive on a lanyard (necklace) so you can't lose as easily.
  • Write your name in permanent marker on your removable drive.
  • Start an assignment with your name, then save it immediately. Check that it saved properly before proceeding.
  • Save often!
  • Try new things.
  • Don't use too many "extras." Too many noises or transitions cause distractions.
  • Be concise and be clear.
  • Follow instructions carefully.

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