Social Studies

Instructional Video

Essential Questions:
How can we use what we know to help others learn?

You must look through the 5th grade Social Studies and Science standards. Identify a standard about which you would like to create a video lesson. The video lesson will be an instructional video or video photo-story lasting no more than 2 minutes. Before you create the video, you must follow a few steps.

An instructional video, or photo-story, explains a topic using pictures, words, and audio. In order to make the video, you must first research, then create a storyboard before creating the video itself.

Your storyboard must include:

  • a. The fully written standard you’re working with (standard number and explanation).
  • b. Each slide number with a drawn picture or description of picture that will appear on the slide.
  • c. The text or audio words that will appear on the appropriate slide.
  • d. The timing of each slide.
  • e. The title or the music to be used.

Use the Storyboard sheet and turn in. This is graded.


Find appropriate music to accompany the photo-story (write down the full website URL, title, and artist for the music).
Here are a couple of the sites I use to find background music:

Make sure you attribute the music appropriately by including the website URL, the author of the work, and the title of the work.

Pictures, maps, and facts

Find pictures, maps, facts, etc to use in your photo-story. Include:

  • At least 5 pictures.
  • No more than 12 pictures.
  • At least 1 map showing either:
    • The location of the event (if your standard is about an event)
    • Where the person was from (if your standard is about a person).
  • At least 5 fact sentences (correctly written with proper capitalization, spelling, and punctuation) with facts about the event.
  • No more than 12 facts.
  • Source of any facts (include title, author, and full website URL).

Individual Slides

Each slide/picture must include:

  • Photo credit either by name or URL.
  • Always attribute your pictures and facts appropriately by noting the full website URL (not just "") and author/photographer for each fact/picture).

Your video

Video must include:

  • A credits page including your name.
  • Music attribution.