Fun Things

The links below are links I find fun. Most will be academic in nature, while some may not.

  • Code for Kids - Now, not everyone will think this is fun. I do. Maybe you too. Design web pages, games, apps, etc. Get started here. If you're looking for something quick, this isn't it and you probably haven't matured enough to handle this yet. It will come with time, so check back later if you're not willing to put in the time to learn.
  • - Code for anyone. Learn to create for the web...
  • Geo Guesser - Addictive "game" where you analyze pictures to determine where in the world it is. You have to pick your spot on a map and you get points for how close you are. Use signs, land type, tree type, etc to determine about where it is. My highest score so far is 12,000 pts.
  • Sanger - It captures a puppy in your computer monitor. Ok, maybe not really, but it's funny.
  • Draw a Stickman - draw a stickman.
  • Tynker - Design a game and learn code.
  • Crunchzilla - Play around and learn some JavaScript
  • Stock Market Game - If you had $100,000, what would you invest in?
  • Plan It Green Games - Build a "Green" city.
  • NationStates - Create a country. While you're trying to be a ruler, look for the Sovereign Confederation of Nations. I hear their ruler is cool...