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iPads in the Classroom

You'll find resources and apps that I've found to be helpful in the classroom.

Resources (free unless otherwise noted)

  • Hopscotch - Creat basic animations.
  • Flowboard - (one of my current favorites) Cool way to produce presentations that you can share once you create your free account.
  • Animoto - Create animations.
  • DesignPad  (one of my current favorites) Great for creating Fact Sheets, Brochures, Information pages, etc.
  • Inkist - Great for drawing on existing pictures as well as creating custom art. (Use to mark graphs, maps, etc.)
  • CamScanner - Use to scan documents, pictures, etc. Converts to pdf or jpg and sends by email or messenger.
  • Evernote - Use to store work that will be available through any web-based device.
  • ScreenChomp - It's a whiteboard that you can use to record things you write/draw.
  • Educreations - Drawing app similar to Screen Chomp
  • Flowboard - Create design posters
  • Prezi Viewer - Edit designs started in Prezi from desktops.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader - Read pdfs or enter information into pdf forms.(Make a free account on Acrobat.com to save online too.)
  • Pdf Notes Free - Manipulate pdfs
  • Khan Academy - Tutorial videos
  • Capture Notes - ($5.99) Great tool for organizing thoughts. Write notes with a stylus, your finger, or type them. Record audio, insert pictures, videos, text, etc. Tab important information. Send through Evernote, Dropbox, or iTunes. Set up different "binders" and then set up "notebooks" within each binder.

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