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Innovation Lab
Current Projects
There are a lot of innovative activities you can do at home. Here are a few suggestions:
Miscellaneous Projects

Innovative Ideas
Challenge Yourself
Add technology into your assignments.

These are ideas to use technology in your work. Don"t limit yourself to these - think of more.

If you"re not sure how to do something, see Mr. Brazile for help. If you"re not challenging yourself, you"re not getting better!

  • Animated Stories Bring your story or report to life by making it an animated story.
  • Photostory This is a lot like an animated story. There are programs and apps for this.
  • Movies Take your presentation to the next level by making a movie! We have iPads or video cameras in the lab. We also have a green screen and software to make your movie special!!
  • Aurasma Imagine having a picture come to life! An Aurasma does this. This is augmented reality and it"s awesome! Ask Mr. Brazile how.
  • 3d Printing Need to build something? Create something great, then print it out. See Mr. Brazile about how you can do this. Check out TinkerCad and start creating!
  • Skype in the classroom Find an expert in something you"re studying and we can Skype to give you firsthand information.
  • Website Why make a poster when you can make a website! Software in the Innovation Lab helps you start from scratch. There are also sites that help. Adobe Spark is a new favorite for creating cool sites (or presentations).
  • Glogster Want to make a digital poster? This is the way to go. Put video, pictures, words, and more into your Glog!
  • Anything Let"s brainstorm and figure out something new to energize your project.

Use these resources to discover information, discern what is important, and create solutions.

What we're doing
What We're Doing
Challenging ourselves to think more.
In the Innovation Lab, we have worked on quite a bit including:
  • Coding with Spheros
  • Coding mBots to complete mazes
  • 3d Printing
  • Creating Battle Bots for the Spheros
  • Creating informational websites
  • Creating instructional videos
  • Researching for projects
  • Virtual Field Trips around the world
  • Live Stream conferencing with Field Experts
  • Escape Rooms
  • Snap Circuits
  • Creating our own circuits
  • MakerSpace creations with cardboard
  • Created Aurasmas (augmented reality)
  • EcoStem kits
  • Designed solar powered watering systems for the garden

And there"s much more to come!