Innovation Lab Services

Innovation Lab
August, 2016
What can the Innovation Lab do for you?

The Kemp Elementary Innovation lab provides possibilities to create, invent, and inspire beyond the classroom walls by using technology resources.

Below are suggestions of what can be accomplished in the lab or integrated into your classroom. Let's work together to create inspiration, engagement, excitement, and innovation.

  • Animated Stories Students can use various programs to animate the stories they create using their own drawings.
  • Photostory A photostory uses pictures, text, video, and audio to tell a story (or explain a student's understanding of a standard).
  • Movies Introduce students to movies. Let their creative spirits show their understanding through scenes or their own lecture. Integrate green screen technology to liven up their films.
  • Aurasma Aurasma is augmented reality. Students use this to display their work. Pictures can come alive with audio or video, where they show their understanding.
  • QR Codes Tired of text hyperlinks? Use QR codes to link to student made resources or to readily made resources.
  • Geoguessr Want kids to be more engaged in their research? Introduce Geoguessr, make your own Geoguessr game and have them wanting to learn more!
  • Coding for Kids Get kids thinking more logically and problem-solving by exploring code. It's learning and it's fun!
  • 3d Printing Let kids' imaginations come alive with the 3d printer. They use their deeper thinking to create a real-world item. It can come alive through the 3d printer.
  • Skype in the classroom How powerful to have speakers in your classroom that normally could not meet face-to-face! Talk with park rangers, scientists, community leaders, and other experts. This works in small groups or a whole class.
  • CTLS Teacher Training Need a refresher on how to analyze the data? Make a test? Build questions? Use CTLS and the data to drive youre instruction.
  • iRespond Want to make your assessing life easier? Get a crash course in using iRespond.
  • Office 365 Introduce you and your students to Office 365, or explore the possibilities (shared group work through Office 365).
  • Wikis Set your kids up with their own wikis to show what they know!
  • Edmodo Get your class set up online. Great for pushing assignments out and collecting them digitally. Many other positives from this including the ability to collaborate with educators worldwide!
  • Glogster Want your kids making posters? How about dynamic, digital posters? Glogster is a great, engaging tool for students to show what they know.
  • Anything Let's brainstorm and figure out something new to energize your lessons.